HTB x #RomHack2021 CTF

Are you ready to join an intense Hacking Competition with challenges customized by HTB? Then this is the event for you! 😎 Join RomHack CTF, put your skills to the test, hack some of HTB’s hardest challenges, compete against worldwide Elite CTF Players and win AMAZING prizes.

CTF Results

Thank you to all 1226 players (836 teams) which played our CTF!
Check the full scoreboard on HackTheBox

CTF Info

Start Date: 18 Sept 2021, 10AM CEST
End Date: 19 Sept 2021, 10PM CEST

Teams Duration Difficulty Style Prizes
1-5 Players
per Team
Hack all day long
into the night
Medium to Insane 🔥 Jeopardy Prizes worth
3.5kGBP 🏆
Hacking Content
The challenges will be in total 9 from Medium to Hard and vary in the following categories: Web, Pwn, Reversing, Crypto, Forensics and Full Pwn (Boot2Root)

Prizes Registration
All steps you need to follow to register to the CTF can be found here, or an abridged version is below:

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Create an account
  • Step 3: Create a Team
  • Step 4: Ask your teammates to join the Team
  • Step 5: Join the CTF (only the team captain can)
  • Step 6: Join HTB Discord for exclusive CTF Updates
  • Step 7: Stay Tuned for CTF Updates on your registration email

What is RomHack

RomHack is a security conference organized yearly in Rome (Italy) by Cyber Saiyan. #RomHack2021 agenda (4th edition) is online and tickets are on sale.


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Cyber Saiyan

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